“Give this drummer some. This guy is baaaaaad!

Donna Franklin<br />

Asst Manager, KTSU Radio 90.9FM - Jazz Month

“Joey “Perfecttime” Riggins is one of my favorite studio session drummers. He has recorded numerous tracks that I have engineered here @4th Creations Recording Studios. Also, a great guy as well”.

Carey Wise<br />

Recording Engineer , 4th Creations Recording Studios<br />

“This guy’s time-keeping always keeps me on my toes.” “Good stick.”
V. Michael McKay<br />

Song Writer, Director, GMWA<br />

“Joey “Perfecttime” Riggins has worked with me in different musical situations throughout his and my musical career. Whatever musical setting he is put in, you can best be sure the groove will definitely be there. No doubt about it.”

Rev. Timothy Thompson<br />

Chapter Rep. Houston , GMWA-Gospel Music Workshop Of America<br />

“This is some of that “Houston Funk yall”. Marion Meadows, Saxophone National Recording Artist”

Marion Meadows<br />

Sax, National Recording Artist, Red Cat Jazz Cafe, Houston, Texas<br />

“I have worked with a lot of drummers as a producer in my time, and Joey PerfectTime Riggins is DEFINITELY THE REAL DEAL. He has a God-given gift as a musician. He’s NOT done…..KUDOS to him.”

Willie Stewart<br />

CEO/Producer, Lively Records, Dallas, Texas</p> <p>

“I was playing with this guy one day with a metronome. I turned it off purposely while he was still playing. I turned it back on while he kept playing, and he was STILL with the metronome.”

David Donaldson<br />

Bass, Producer/Engineer , 24/7 Productions<br />

“I have always looked forward to playing with Joey “Perfecttime” Riggins from when we first met and played together some years ago. Whatever gig I am on, if the drummer is out or one is needed, this cat is usually my first referral call. He is DEPENDABLE, FUN TO WORK WITH, AND DEFINITELY GONNA LAY THAT GROOVE DOWN FOR ME. And as a bass player, that is very helpful in making my job much easier.”

Gerald Calhoun<br />

Bass Guitar - Conrad Johnson/ThunderSoul Orchestra<br />

“We are very happy to welcome you as an artist to the RichSticks products family.”

William Fitzpatrick/Joshua Mimms<br />

RichSticks Drumsticks and Products<br />

“Yeah……it was fun working with this cat. It’s always fun working with musicians that take their craft seriously. This is one of those cats.”

Najee<br />

Saxophonist, National Recording Artist

“This cat made the hit easy and enjoyable. When we are not able to take our original band with us, cats don’t always do their homework, as far as learning the music. But this cat DID!! I enjoyed the rehearsals as well as the actual hit.”

Rod Bonne<br />

Musical Director/Keys-Najee - Musical Director<br />

Still a very talented drummer. The last time I saw him play live was in 96 and he STILL has it! Great Job Joey!

Rachelle Williams<br />

Hope you enjoy our music as much as we loved yours. We are your fans and Twitter followers. We’d be thrilled with any support you can return. Be lucky

Lost at Sky<br />